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Ideas and visions are born through the arts process. It is a way to solve both large and small problems. What is important is that we do it together.

At the creative workshops women, the mothers and their children get the opportunity to try different kinds of artistic materials and ways of expression. And it is also during the creative process that we practice the Swedish language, build networks, get friends, learn about society AND have fun together.

Art is the universal language!

Our vision is that:

    • More women’s voices will be heard and that their knowledge will be better made use of
    • More women will get tools in order to become an active part of society, feel empowered and make an impact on their own and their family’s present life and future
    • A part of the work is to make more women become self-sufficient and able to have a meaningful free time

    Mothers in the World started 2016 in Motala when the childcare center sounded alarm that many mothers and their children were isolated in their homes. Today we have activities in 5 places in Östergötland, a county in the eastern part of Sweden and various organisations and other parties have shown an interest in that we should keep on growing both nationally and internationally.

    We are women and mothers from different parts of the world, from different cultures, backgrounds, languages and religions, but we are united in working together for a better future for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. When we have strong and confident mothers we will get strong and confident children!

    KISAM is NOT a cultural project, but a way to work for development in which culture is included

    Trough – KISAM – Mothers in the world, we work with:

    • Learning about different artistic methods and materials
    • Empowerment and teamwork
    • Learning through excursions
    • Learning the Swedish language
    • Artistic expressions in exhibitions and local surroundings
    • Making women’s stories more visible

    We are working from a holistic perspective and through creating involvement through active participation and learning through doing and experiencing. Through empowerment we encourage each other to dare. We work with sisterhood and by creating hope for the future, in which each one of us have an important task to fill.

    We educate future leaders:

    Mothers in the World is growing fast and there are great hopes from various parties that we start activities in more places in Sweden and internationally. Through funding from the Swedish Postcode Foundation, we can offer a unique 1-year leadership education for 20 of the women, in order for them to lead activities with Mothers in the World both in existing and new places. In this way we hope that our organization can grow and develop sustainably.

    With more women as leaders…. What would our world look like…..

    Sira Jokinen Lisse | Verkstadsvägen 36, Motala 59146 | mobile: +46 70 623 57 39 | e-mail:

    Eva Fornåå | Bona Björnfall 105, Motala 591 97,  | mobile: +46 73 097 11 60 | e-mail:

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